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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Breaking News...

Agreeing with me is like agreeing with HITLER!!!

Everyone may commence pointing and laughing now.

But seriously, it's nice to know that our resident troll thinks I'm as charismatic and persuasive as Hitler. A little creepy yes, but I promise that I will be a benevolent dictator when I use my army of atheist sympathizers to take over Europe through violence. Anyone want to buy me a plane ticket so I can get started?


  1. off topic:
    I keep meaning to ask you about your opinion as a queer atheist on the whole atheist "out campaign" use of the language of "coming out." it has always felt a little like they are (mis)appropriating the language of another oppressed group, which is something that squicks me out in general. (ask me sometime about my thoughts on "passing.")
    anyway, just wondering what you think!

  2. To me, "coming out" means acknowledging a supposedly "shameful" aspect of one's identity in such a way as to refute the supposed shamefullness of it.
    As such, I don't view it as appropriation. Many of the atheists that I know (if not most) are queer/gender variant, and at least for myself I know that coming out to my family about my trans/queer identities and my atheist one were pretty much equally difficult (your mileage may vary).


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