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Sunday, January 17, 2010

In Things that are Not Even Remotely Acceptable:

Shaming someone for their consensual sexual activity.

Even if you totally disagree with their politics and they are giant conservative jerks.

Yeah, I'm looking at you, those people who have decided that because Scott Brown was once a centerfold for some magazine that that means it's ok to make jokes about him and how good a senator he'd be.

Scott Brown shouldn't win the Senate race, not because he once posed nude for something, but because he's funded by extremist conservatives who want to take away rights of US citizens. He'd make a horrible senator because through his seriously misguided political ads he's made it clear that he feels that the constitution should be chucked out the window whenever the US is in a dangerous situation, which is when we most need to have lawfully abided by protections for citizens and all people. He shouldn't be voted for because he wants to cut taxes without apparently thinking through where the money then wouldn't be going: schools, firestations, police departments, social services (like the Department of Children and Families, where budget cuts are already making life difficult and frustrating for the workers), DTA (who already make it as difficult as possible for someone in need of assistance to receive it), etc. I would also say that the in large part lockstep way the Republicans manage to behave is another great reason not to vote for him. It's hard enough getting decent legislation passed with all the pseudo-liberals around who think certain things are negotiable. Having one more Republican to tow the party-line when it means suffering for actual people is a thought that makes me cringe.

But none of the many reasons that Scott Brown shouldn't be elected have a damn thing to do with how many people have seen him naked. They never have, they never will, and if someone else, someone liberal, were being similarly attacked by the right wing (which I'd bet my non-existent house, that they would), their politics would also not have a damn thing to do with whether they'd had nude pictures of them taken in their lives.

And I'm pissed having to defend him. And I'm pissed knowing that probably if Martha Coakley had a similar history, she wouldn't even have tried to run because she'd know how bad the backlash would be, as a woman. But neither of these things make it ok to post his old centerfold picture in a post about him as a potential Senator.

It is not even remotely acceptable. And it doesn't matter who it happens to.

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  1. I started to post link to his centerfold on a thread about him, but I came to my senses in time. It's not ok to do this to a woman. It's also not ok to do this to a man.


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