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Friday, March 13, 2009

Too Angry to Blog

I can barely think right now, I'm so angry. My partner's EX (huge emphasis on ex) roommates are threatening to take him to court. Because they want him to have to pay for their current (in no way something that he used) gas bills. (long story short). Dumbest part is that THEY CAN'T (perhaps I should say: Shouldn't be able to) EVEN GET HER DAMN MONEY. Since she doesn't make enough for the court to allow them to seize it. Additionally (connected to the trans theme of the blog), now that they are threatening him, they are putting his name in quotation marks!!! See.... his legal name is "Sarah Smith" and the actual name he uses to all friends and acquaintences is "Bluejay Smith"*. As soon as they started this bullshit, out come the: Dear Sarah "Bluejay" Smith emails.....

Fuck you. Someone's identity (gender or otherwise) is not a weapon you get to use against them just because you're pissed. This just shows you have been an asshole, and hiding your prejudice the entire time. It gives you NO points in an argument, and in any decent society, should actually lose you some.

The same damn thing happened just a couple weeks ago also. One of my roommates was pissed at the other (who is trans). In the middle of her tirade about the other, she used the wrong pronoun. I had to stop her and say: it's not ok to refuse to acknowledge someone's gender identity just 'cause you're pissed at them. She stopped, but answered: "whatever". I still don't think she got it. I will never again think that she respects my gender, since apparently it's something she thinks she can SHUCK at will, if the person she's angry at is trans.

What. The. Fuck!?

What memo did I miss saying it was "asshole (ex)roommate month"? Seriously. If I'd known, I would have at least been forewarned. And you know what they say: Forewarned is forearmed....

Because I sure need extra ulnas and radii!!!

Seriously. If you know of any way to get some legal advice (my partner, even though he's low income, isn't covered by legal aid because of being partially supported by parents), I'd appreciate it a whole hell of a lot.

*names changed to protect the horribly wronged. Also, No I have not messed up my partner's pronouns by changing them up in the middle of the post. Get used to it.

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